With thousands of followers, Gillian maintains an active social media presence on the platform Instagram under the username @gill.flutes. She enjoys bringing her followers along on her daily endeavours as a classical musician in the 21st Century and posts practice tips, motivational content, and classical music jokes for her growing fanbase. In addition to her practice and performance videos, tips, and classical music comedy, Gillian hosts a video series called "Fluting with Gill," where she vlogs her practice sessions and productive days, speaks on topics such as practice routines and goal setting, and inspires musicians of all levels. 


@gill.flutes on Instagram

Gillian began posting videos of herself practicing during the height of quarantine in 2020, hoping that she'd inspire herself and others to keep making music throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. Just two years later, she has grown her community to thousands of classical musicians across the world. 

Right now, Gillian's followers keep up with her experiences while auditioning for graduate programs as she finishes her BMus degree at Western University. 


Follow along with Gillian's musical journey on Instagram @gill.flutes, and see her feed below!